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Episode Summary

A female dancer in one of Leroy's dance classes writes an annonymous letter to the school board saying that Leroy is partial to black students because he had been giving all the lead roles to a black dancer. This shakes Leroy's confidence in his own judgement and he give the lead to the girl who wrote the letter. Then he realizes that she really wasn't the better of the two dancers and reverts back to his original decision.
Being that the dancer who wrote the letter about Leroy was Danny's girlfriend, it causes a rift between the long time friends.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Lycia Naff as Susan (Pareno)
Michelle Whitney-Morrison as Debby (Reid)
Dick Miller as Lou Mackie


"Dance Your Cares Away"
"Swingin' at the Cotton Club" - performed by Loretta Chandler
"Hot Diggerty" - performed by Billy Hufsey

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