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Episode Summary

Ian is angered when his father shows up and all his friends like him. It makes him feel excluded because of the way the other kids think his father is so funny.
Meanwhile, After attending her 15 year High School reunion. Lydia is dissappointed that her High School 'Flame' - Billy Waters didnt show up. Encouraged by the facualty, she places a call to his mother, which results in Billy showing up at the school and a new romance blossoms.
All is not how it seems however, Billy turns out to not be a successful business man but a successful con artist. After showing up at her apartment 'pretending' to be shot, he dupes her into delivering some papers at a restuarant where the FBI shows up.
In perhaps the greatest sting Lydia ends up 'Conning' the Con man, saying she'll marry him, if he gives up his line of work, knowing that he wont. After a teary farewell , Lydia pulls out a briefcase full of money, and is last shown ringing the man who was conned, so she can return it.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Julius J. Carry III as Billy Waters
Grainger Hines as Elias Sellers

Special Appearance By:
Mike Preston as Jack Ware


"Men About Town" - performed by Michael Cerveris and Mike Preston
"What Ho Mrs. Brisket" - performed by Mike Preston

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