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Episode Summary

Leroy is put to the test when a kid leads a revolt against a production of "Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn". Leroy doesn't want any part of it but the black students feel that he should be outraged at such a production being put on at the school. Mr. Dyrenforth cancels the show because of complaints being phoned in and because of student angers. Danny, being one of the leads in the production, doesn't feel that there is a problem with them doing the show and is happy that Leroy agrees but he pushes the limits of his friendship with Leroy because of it.

Additional Cast Credits

Special Appearance By:
Stan Shaw as Jim

And Introducing:
Kenny Ransom as Bobby (Carter)


"Free At Last" - performed by Gene Anthony Ray
"Crossing Over" - performed by Loretta Chandler


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