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Episode Summary

Morloch's whistling in the theater during a dress rehearsal puts a curse on the show the very night that Stephen Spielberg is coming to watch it. Doris and Suzie Detroit get locked in a room together and while Leroy tries crawling through the air duct to reach them he gets stuck. Nicole rehearses with Miss Grant to replace Doris and ends up with hiccups. Danny is chased all around school by Miltie and his friend because Danny hit on the guys girlfriend. Cleo has to rush downtown to get the rocket used for special effects in the show. In the end, the show goes off without a hitch.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Sam Slovick as Cassidy
Tuesday Knight as Suzi Detroit
Lee Ving as Fred
Robert Romanus as Milton 'Psycho' Horowitz


"So Many Dreams" -performed by Nia Peeples
"Suspense" - performed by Valerie Landsburg,Tuesday Knight (and Nia Peeples)
"To Dream The Impossible Dream" -performed by Lee Ving
"The Monster That Devoured Las Vegas" - performed by Billy Hufsey, Jesse Borrego, Gene Anthony Ray, Valerie Landsburg , Carlo Imperato and ensemble.


This was the first episode to feature the recurring character of Miltie Horowitz (Robert Romanus).

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