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Episode Summary

After Doris gets mugged, she tries to convince everyone that she's fine.
Dwight becomes friends with Holly, but cannot fit in with the rest of the kids. Although Dwight befriends Holly he is really in love with her but can't even speak around her so to help him, he acts like he's talking to an old pet dog of his when he talks to her.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Madlyn Rhue as Mrs. Schwartz
Frances Bay as Grandma George


"Happily Ever After" - performed by Valerie Landsburg, Jesse Borrego and Nia Peeples
"Lucky Star" - performed by Cynthia Gibb
"The Child in Me" - performed by Valerie Landsburg


The "Lucky Star" song sung by Holly is the same song sung by Madonna in 1983.



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