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Episode Summary

The Board of Education plans to replace Mrs. Berg with a computer. Leroy suggests that if the computer was stolen, that Mrs. Berg's job would be safe. The next day the computer turns up missing. Of course everyone assumes Leroy did it and tries to convince him to return it, but he didn't take it, Dwight did. Sherwood challenges Bruno to compose a dance number performed without people. With Dwight's knowledge of computers Bruno, Dwight and Leroy put on a show using the computer.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Star:
Carmine Caridi as Angelo Martelli

Special Guest Star:
Brenda Vaccaro as Herself

Co Starring:
Renee Orin as Mrs. Kelly


"Electricity" - performed by Lee Curreri
"Kitchen Sync" - instrumental
- Music by Lee Curreri
"Fame of Yesteryear" - instrumental
- Music by Albert Hague
"Sousaphone Home" - instrumental


Episode written by Lee Curreri

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