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Episode Summary

The School Board decides that, because of budget cutbacks, one teacher must be fired. Bruno discovers a well-known composer has stolen material he wrote. 

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Stars:
Jeff Pomerantz as Paul Forbes 
Michael Thoma as Mr. Crandall 


"A Very Special Place" - performed by Debbie Allen 
"Starmaker" - performed by Debbie Allen and the cast 
"Hot Lunch Jam" - performed by Irene Cara 
- Music by Michael Gore 
- Lyrics by Lesley Gore and Robert F. Colesberry


This was the last episode to feature Montgomery, who presumably graduated. This was also the last episode in which Mr. Gregory Crandall appeared. He died at the beginning of the Season 2 episode "A Tough Act to Follow". (The actor who played him, Michael Thoma, died shortly after the first season ended.) 

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