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Episode Summary

Doris and Montgomery decide to tell only the "truth" for one whole day. This only causes friction between friends and teachers and alienates them from the rest. Due to a "lie" that Bruno tells Mr. Shorofsky, and Montgomery admits the truth, Mr. Shorofsky and Bruno have a somewhat falling out. Mr. Shorofsky feels as if he can't trust Bruno and he thinks Bruno doesn't care enough about his school work but more about whatever Bruno happened to be writing himself. Guilt strikes Bruno when Mr. Shorofsky gets mugged and ends up in the Hospital. The school plans a teacher talent show and Miss Sherwood wants to do an African Tribal dance until she hears, from Doris, that Miss Grant says "Miss Sherwood , doing an African Tribal dance, good luck". This makes Miss Sherwood feel bad so she enlists the help of Leroy to help her learn to dance. Leroy doesn't just help her dance but makes her see that choosing another dance style would be better for her, which in the end she agrees. 


"I Was Only Trying To Help" - performed by Valerie Landsburg 
"Carnival" - performed by Debbie Allen 

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