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Performed by Lee Curreri
Lyrics provided by Jeanine Matthews

Where do you turn when you see your master plan go up in smoke?
You do a real slow burn as you grind your teeth and laugh until you choke.
If you wonder why,
Then Murphy's Law explains the awful news.
If something can go wrong, it will.
That's how you got the Murphy Blues.

You had it all worked out
Your clockwork plan put Mother Time to shame.
If a fire broke out in the local restaurant
You'd eat the flames
You felt so strong
Success was in the air
How could you lose?
But something could go wrong and it did
That's how you got the Murphy Blues

With silver lining all around you
You clued the why, the where, the how, yeah
Now you're crying over spilt milk
And running out to find a different cow

If you think you're cool
And Murphy's Law just don't apply to you
If nothing can go wrong, you fool,
Murphy thinks up something new.

That's how you get the Murphy Blues

(spoken) Let's have a hand for the knowledge and persistence, the insight and the
omni-presence of
(sung) Murphy's Blues

Oh no!

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