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In Loving Memory Of

Michael Thoma
Michael Thoma
(actor) 09/03/82
Christopher Gore  (image used with permission of Rick Gore)
Christopher Gore
(writer) 05/18/88
Ann Nelson
Ann Nelson
(actor) 06/02/92
Albert Hague
Albert Hague
(actor) 11/12/01
Carrie Hamilton
Carrie Hamilton
(actor) 01/20/02
Curtis Gregory
Curtis Gregory
(dancer) 02/23/94
Dominique Dunne - guest star in Fame episode Street Kid
Dominique Dunne
(actor) 11/04/82
Derrick Brice - dancer on the TV Series Fame
Derrick Brice
(dancer) 06/05/87
Rene Orin - appeared in one episode and wrote two. Was Albert Hague's wife.
Renee Orin
(actress,writer) 08/26/00
Graham Jarvis
Graham Jarvis
(actor) 04/16/03
Carmine Caridi
Carmine Caridi
(actor) 05/28/19
Gene Anthony Ray
Gene Anthony Ray
(actor) 11/14/03
Dave Shelley
Dave Shelley
(actor) 06/27/89
Morgan Stevens
Morgan Stevens
(actor) 01/26/22
Tommy Aguilar - played Garcy in the first episode of the TV Series Fame.
Tommy Aguilar
(actor) 05/07/93
Bruno Kirby - played Doris' brother on the TV Series Fame.
Bruno Kirby
(actor) 08/14/06
Madlyn Rhue Madlyn Rhue
(actor) 12/16/03
Anthony Newley - played a teacher in a couple episodes of the TV Series Fame. Anthony Newley
(actor) 04/14/99
Gwen Verdon
Gwen Verdon
(actor) 10/18/00
Milton Berle
Milton Berle
(actor) 03/27/02
Scott Sherrin - played Tyrone in Fame The Musical Scott Sherrin
(performer) 03/1996
Ross Baker - played Schlomo in the 2004-2005 UK touring cast of Fame The Musical Ross Baker
(performer) 12/26/04
  Darryl Tribble
(dancer) 10/21/88
  Dwayne Phelps
Aaron Dugger
(dancer) 05/26/89
Armando M. Huerta
(2nd assistant director) 09/06/84
William F. Claxton
(director) 02/11/96
  Thomas Foukes
(1st assistant director) 06/16/03
Ray Danton
(director) 02/11/96
  Marc Daniels
(director) 04/23/89
Russ Marin
(actor) 03/06/05
  Lew Gallo
(actor) 06/11/00
Robert F. Sparks
(cinematographer) 02/12/99
  Christopher N. Seiter
(producer) 12/17/03
Gene Law
(production manager) 08/08/82
  William W. Spencer
(cinematographer) 05/14/07


I was sent a video in which a fan of Fame and of Gene Anthony Ray put together a tribute to Gene's life and his dancing. I've been asked if I would put the video online to share with all of you. The creator has asked to remain anonymous but if you would like to comment on the video, please post your comments on my message board where they will see them. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the video.

Gene Anthony Ray Tribute Video


If you know of a name that should be added to this page and/or have information about the date of passing and perhaps a picture that I can add here, please email me. Thank you!

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