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Message From Nia - Elements of Life
Posted Feb 11 2010 by Pam

I've been asked to post the following message from Nia Peeples.

  Hello to all you dedicated Fame fans! I am so excited about this next adventure that I had to write to you personally. I wanted to let every one know that I have started a whole new website and teleseminar series dedicated to living a wonderful, exciting life.  Fame was such an extraordinary experience for me, one that set the tone for the way I live my life.  Reaching for your dreams, over coming adversity, believing in yourself, these were major themes of Fame.  Having been lucky enough to experience those ideals at such a young impressionable age, those beliefs carried me through all the adversity of attempting to succeed in Hollywod and in life. It is the only show in my entire career, that filled me with such hope in my future and belief in myself, and I believe it is the same for all of Fame’s dedicated audience. Having waited 25 years to find and become a part of another tv show that brought such inspiration to it’s audience,  but to no avail, I decided to create something myself.  It’s called Elements of Life. It’s a website and a 12 part seminar where like-minded people can come for inspiration, sharing, and just plain fun.

Please come and join me.  I haven’t been excited about anything like this since Fame. Come join me. Let’s grow this together and make this our new second home!

Can’t wait to see you there!


Nia Peeples

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