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A fan's story: Nia, Jesse and Cynthia in Italy!
Posted Jan 17 2010 by Roberta

I still can’t believe it, but it happened, and I have to thank Roberta first, who told me about their Italian tour…I doubt I’d have ever known about that otherwise, since I don’t surf the net very often…!!
I was lucky that one of the concerts was to be held in one of the most attended clubs in my area; the moment I read that my eyes sparkled and I saw my dream come true..I didn’t really know what to expect…I only knew my heart was fibrillating like I was 15 and I was jumping out of my skin. With a friend I then went to Fuoriorario, a club where Discoinferno + Kids from Fame were to perform (Discoinferno is an Italian band who plays 70's-80's disco hits).
The three shows had been arranged by a charity, GER Onlus (= no-profit organization), that during those concerts were to raise funds aimed at building an orphanage in India; its main supporters/constitutors, Stefano and Matteo, organized the first benefit back in 2006 contacting Nia in the U.S.A….they made friends with her on that occasion, which brought to her comeback this year in Jesse’s and Cynthia’s company…because, like I found out, Nia is first of all a big-souled woman often involved in charitable and humanitarian activities.
The first show began with the groove and blast provided by Discoinferno, who after some numbers introduced Nia, Jesse and Cynthia, who in their turn got on stage with an indescribable energy!
Nia was prettier and beamy than ever, it looked like time had stopped for her, a radiant smile and an energy you could almost feel with you hand. Jesse had the same old passionate feeling in his singing and sensuality in his dancing, typical features of his “caliente” latin blood. Cynthia had the same powerful but sweet voice I could so well remember…
At some point she began to sing “I still believe in me” and my eyes got teary…it was one of my favorite songs…especially for its lyrics.
I still believe in all my dreams and all that I can be…
I do have faith in that…and situations like those can’t but emphasize and strengthen my will to pursue my dreams because sometimes, if you really want, they can come true.
Talking about Cynthia, I found out it was kind of a surprise…
Things went like this, more or less…Nia wouldn’t have been able to participate in the first concert due to her work commitments in Canada. Jesse would have had to perform alone then. So Nia called Cynthia in New York, explained the case to her, the charitable aim of the mini-tour, and Cynthia decided to step in, getting to Italy in a couple of days. She then decided to stay for the second show too, so it was a surprise for everyone or so to have them all together. Nia, despite some voice issues, poured her body and soul into the show, trying as hard as she could, communicating the most wonderful sensations to the audience. The three of them took turns, singing different kinds of songs.
At some point Nia called “suo amore” Sam on stage, who played the harmonica while she sang a bluesy song, then she proudly introduced her son Chris Hayzel, young and rising bloom from the rock scene, who performed a song of his at first, then staying on stage in order to take part in other moments of the show.
One of the most emotional moments was when Jesse shared with us all Sting’s song “Fragile”. I watched his eyes, listened to his voice, but most of all I could feel his heart, and this was the greatest gift to me…to feel their hearts.
They ended up the concert singing “We are family”, and everyone got on stage, all singing and hugging one another, everyone of them with her/his own family…all together, as if they were one single family. Tears of joy…
And then the big finish, the song “Fame” that we all sang yearning for those years when everyone of us mirrored her/himself partly at least in those kids and their dreams. And so the show ended with everyone clapping jubilantly, the artists headed to their dressing rooms and I was unwillingly about to go home…I was saying to myself “You’re not 15 anymore…it’s not the case to follow them, it’s not right to annoy people, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself do you?”.
Then, thank God, the small instinctive side of me dashed out, winning over the same old rational Barbara, and told her:
“What have you to lose? Go for it!”…so, after considering the situation briefly, I went to one of the managers of the event and asked if I could met them.
“But of course! Follow me”…and so I came to met them. We talked a little, as far as my rusty English could go, and they proved themselves to be really approachable, they’re so humble and GENUINE! This is what I was feeling all the time, and it was the greatest gift to me…so much more than what I could have hoped for.
And so it was time for me to go…my dream had come true and necessarily ended up. But then again, NO! Sometimes dreams come true and keep on for a while…
Some days later I e-mailed Matteo (from the charity) in order to thank him for the chance he gave me and compliment him for the highly successful show. He told me about the last concert, that was to be held on the following week-end, a little different from the previous ones, because it was part of an all-inclusive package weekend, most of whose incomes were to raise fund for his association again.
I wasn’t aimed at going there…”You should be contented as you are” I kept saying to myself, “what more are you asking for?”.
Also, it was very expensive, the town (Sestriere) was as high as 2000 meters over the sea and very far from home, and I didn’t know whom to go with…my friend was happy with the previous concert, and it would have been silly to go alone…no hope then.
Matteo told me: “If you want to come with me, we can share the trip cost and you can stay with us when we get there…”.
So, for the second time in a few days…and for one of the rare occasions in my life…my instinctive side had the upper hand…when would a chance like that happen to me again?
So, on the following Saturday I was going to Sestriere…we got there in the afternoon…it was beginning to snow…the atmosphere was almost magical
I then had the chance to taste and enjoy their show again…with some little adjustments…Cynthia had returned home for some business…but Nia’s voice was back, so she was able to give us even more emotions, power and passion! I danced and sang till I fell exausted…
And I was lucky I could enjoy some more of their company, share some more heart-filled moments with them that I am never to forget.
When me and Matteo parted from Jesse the following morning, we thanked him for everything and said “bye bye” to him as if it was final. He smiled and said: “We rather say ‘see you soon’…we are family now, and this is only the beginning!”.
My “thank you” goes to everyone who made it possible for my dream to come true…Nevertheless, my “thank you” goes to the instinctive side of me that won its battle this time!
…and thank to you who shared my story…
“I still believe in all my dreams…”
Barbara (Sister Greg)

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