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Virus Warnings
Posted Dec 04 2008 by Pam

A couple of people have told me that when they have visited this site, they got a pop-up warning them of a virus. I have checked twice to see if there were any unusual files on the server and I didn't find any. Plus, I've uploaded all the PHP files to the server again, to overwrite any files that may have possibly been altered by any outside access, just in case.

The other day though, on a message board service which I'm a moderator of, another moderator got a pop-up warning of a virus when she accessed a thread that had a YouTube video embedded in it. However, it was a false reading. Here is the information from YouTube about this situation:

"Anti-spyware software from Computer Associates had been returning false positives, identifying certain files contained within YouTube embed codes as malware. The specific YouTube issue is apparently being corrected by Computer Associates and wasn’t actually harmful in the first place. If you’ve got CA software, you might want to check for any updates."

This may be why there were reports of viruses on this site as I have, as of late, added YouTube videos to the site and to various news posts.

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lisa on Dec 04 2008 07:31 pm

Thanks for letting us know Pam. This happened to me twice.

Pam on Dec 04 2008 10:58 pm

I'm sorry about that Lisa. I know how I freak out if I happen upon a site that Norton tells me it blocked a virus or whatever. I hate to think that people are getting virus warnings from my site. I would never want that to happen and if I thought that YouTube videos did have viruses in them, I'd never post any.

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