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Bring Back Fame with Justin Lee Collins
Posted Nov 30 2008 by Pam

Back in June I told you all about a Fame special in the works in the UK. Well, I finally have some information ... and pictures about the show to share with you all.
Although I had two people tell me two different air dates, I will post both below and when I can confirm the exact date, I will update the information.

Confirmed Airdate:  Dec 27th, 9pm, Channel 4

Here are two promo pictures of the reunited cast members of Fame with host Justin Lee Collins. Click small images for larger view.

I must say ... Lee looks good bald.

Thanks to Kelvin and Dominic!

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Roberta on Dec 02 2008 04:09 am


I must say...Lee looks good bald.

(Roberta is at present taking Photoshop lessons in order to: a)present Pam with a bald Jesse to see her reaction; b) - and more important - paste Lee's curls back on his head) biggrin2 biggrin2 biggrin2

Though I am in mourning and will be for the longest time...thanks to who provided the pics and the info! and I really hope to have the chance to see this reunion.

Pam on Dec 02 2008 01:53 pm

Haha! What? He does look good like that. blush Yes, his signature curls are gone but I'm sure he'll let his hair grow back in.

Jesse bald? Hmm ... might be interesting to see what he looks like that way. lol

Yeah, I would like to see it as well.

dany17 on Dec 04 2008 06:51 pm

lee, I really love your curly hair so lets your hair grow back in please : D

and carlo looks great : 0 god!

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