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FAME - the 2nd season out in Italy!
Posted Nov 06 2009 by Roberta

This time we Italian folks won't have to wait for two stressful years, like when Season 1 was released . The powers-that-be have been kind to us, and Season 2 is out on 11-11-2009 - only a short time after the American release!  I can only seem to find news about a separate Season 2 release, so I guess the S1+2 version didn't make it to my country. It looks like the "FAME: now and then" doc is included in this package. The cover features Erica Gimpel as Coco. Here is one of the many links I found:

Season 2 cover and details (in Italian)


Posted Sep 29 2009 by Pam

Chapters > Fame Annual 1983 - The first of the stories from the 1983 annual has been added.
Videos - Added several videos of Erica Gimpel singing on the series JAG.

Fame 2009
Reviews - I've added this new section to collect the various reviews of the movie. At this time I've only added one review but lots more will be added as time permits.

Memorial page updated.
Links updated to remove invalid links and to add many new links.


Fame Premiere Pictures
Posted Sep 29 2009 by Pam

I have a couple links to pictures from the Fame premiere that you all might like to check out. There are probably others and I'll add links to those when/if I run across them.

Getty Images  |  Twitter

Thanks to LB for the Getty Images link.


Other Original Fame Cast At New Fame Premiere
Posted Sep 25 2009 by Pam

I have now found out that other original Fame cast members (from the original movie and series) were at the Fame premiere. Antonia Franceschi, Maureen Teefy, Lee Curreri, Valerie Landsburg and Carlo Imperato along with Erica Gimpel and Debbie Allen were there. Check out the video below. Debbie, Antonia, Valerie and Erica are interviewed, towards the end. Carlo can be seen behind them in the last few seconds.

Thanks to Leanne, for the video link.


Erica Gimpel Attends Fame Premiere
Posted Sep 24 2009 by Pam

The premiere of the new Fame movie took place at The Grove in Los Angeles on September 23rd and not only was Debbie Allen there but Erica Gimpel was in attendance as well. Check out the video below.

Above are screen captures of Erica and Debbie from the premiere.



Help Debbie Reach Her Goal
Posted Sep 24 2009 by Pam

A few days ago Debbie Allen posted the following message on her Facebook page.

"Hey yall I want to reach 10,000 friends this month. Help me let the world know that DEBBIE ALLEN THE DIVA IS HERE. So get the word out how ever you can via Facebook, Twitter, Aim, BBM, Phone Calls, Radio Shout Out, Text Messages, Smoke Signals, Skywrite Messages. Love You All DA"

Click here to visit Debbie's Facebook page.

Thanks to Sabrina for the info.


‘Fame’ Flashmob At Dallas Museum Of Art
Posted Sep 24 2009 by Pam

Students from Dallas’ Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts staged a “spontaneous” performance at the Dallas Museum of Art to promote the release of the new movie “Fame.”

Thanks to Mark, from for the link.


Update to Fame 2009 Videos
Posted Sep 22 2009 by Pam

I have added 13 videos to the Fame 2009 section including a couple interviews with Debbie Allen and one video includes an interview with Fame TV series dancer & Fame 2009 choreographer, Marguerite Derricks.

Fame 2009 Videos


Exclusive Fame Clip
Posted Sep 16 2009 by Pam

The Los Angeles Times website has an exclusive clip from the upcoming Fame movie. The clip shows the cafeteria scene for the song "This Is My Life."  Enjoy!


Fame Season 1 & 2 Released Today
Posted Sep 15 2009 by Pam

As I'm sure you all know, the Season 1 & 2 set of the TV series Fame was released today. There are a couple things that I'd like to mention though. First off, I checked Wal-mart first and they were not selling it in a season 1&2 set, instead, they were selling season 1 and season 2 separately. So that's actually good for those of you who didn't want to have to buy season 1 again. And second, whether you buy the set or just buy season 2, there is a special offer on them (at least there is in my area ... not sure this is on all packages) for a free ticket to the upcoming Fame movie. You get a special code, which you then go to and redeem the code. Then all you do is print out your free ticket and your good to go.

Here are scans from the set.

Also, while the re-release of the original Fame movie was supposed to come out today as well, I couldn't find it at Wal-Mart or Target.


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